Eastside Senior Services


Eastside Senior Services is a nonprofit organization that I worked with who had an identity issue. Their former logo pictured rooftops, which was misleading to the work of this nonprofit as they are not a senior housing service, rather they only provide services for seniors — which is where the issue came in. I took what the Executive Director of Eastside Senior Services said after sharing the stories of seniors and wanting to “make seniors sexy again” as a vehicle for my design process. I picked out beauty in what she, and considering the beautiful nature of the east side of Milwaukee, a rose fit perfectly. A rose signifies love and compassion and the red coloration shows that love and support Eastside Senior Services offers. The new logo represents these core values of Eastside Senior Services, which is exactly what the client needed.


Using thank you cards that the Executive Director had received over the years of her service with Eastside Senior Services, I created a template for various social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as for their website. The warmth of the care provided is showcased in these and shows how much people need what Eastside Senior Services offers.

I also created a 22 page documentation of how to manage their website, including information on how to update their website’s content catered to their specific needs, how to utilize graphic design elements, maintain brand consistency, and other various needs a staff member of Eastside Senior Services may need.

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